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feral cat controlferal cat control removal

A "feral cat" is a cat that has never been domesticated. Usually born in the wild and they are not used to human contact. They often may make their homes underneath your house or porch. Not only can stray cats cause damage to your property, the cats will leave their droppings and waste material all over it.

feral cat controlferal cat control removal

Feral Cat Facts

Feral cats are the offspring of stray cats, lost or abandoned pet cats that are not spayed or neutered. Female cats can reproduce two to three times per year. If their kittens survive, they become feral without early contact with humans. Cats can become pregnant starting as early as 5 months old, and the population of feral cats rapidly increases without intervention by caring people.

Many people feel sad that feral cats live a difficult and dangerous life. While many people feel they are a nuisance and are annoyed by the cats' behaviors and want the cats removed. Many of these feral cats are euthanized. Many times after feral cats are trapped and removed, new feral cats often move into the vacant territory to take advantage of the food source and shelter now made available. It's an endless cycle.

feral cat controlferal cat control removal

If the entire feral cat colony is not trapped, then the ones that are left behind are sure to have more kittens. In addition, more will survive because fewer cats competing for the available food.

feral cats controlferal cats control removal

Feral Cat Control: Cats Can be Aggressive and Carry Diseased

Feral cats can be quite aggressive. These stray cats will fight with your domesticated pets and will hiss, scratch and bite in their attempt to escape. And since a stray cat has never been treated by a veterinarian, they're a source of diseases transferable to both humans and other animals. Some of the diseases include:




bacterial infections

feral cat controlferal cat control removal

We do not recommend you try to corner and trap these feral cats on your own. All City Animal Trapping will perform humane Cat Control, Cat Removal and Trapping Cats and bring them to a local humane society where professionals will try to domesticate the stray cat and find a loving family for it. We have the training and tools to handle any Feral Cat Removal, Feline Cat Control, Bobcat Trapping situation

Do Not Attempt Feral Cat Control in Los Angeles Yourself

If the wild feral cats appears dangerous or you don't feel comfortable, do not approach the cat on your own. For Feral Cat Control and Removal in the Los Angeles area, call All City Animal Trapping to perform Feral Cat Control and Removal.

All City Animal Trapping professionals are professionally trained in Feral Cat control, Feral Cat removal, wild cat trapping and stray cat control.

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